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    Preparing kids for life's most unexpected events


    All emotions are good and serve a purpose. We just have to learn to control them.


    Mirror Books reflect real life situations for real kids. Our first product, LoveSnax are emotional vocabulary cards that teach self-regulation strategies.


    It is our intention to teach children to:

    1. Recognize their own power and how it relates to an experienced emotion. 
    2. Communicate their feelings effectively. Making clear to themselves that they are experiencing a feeling, then understanding there are options to feel differently.
    3. Act accordingly. Taking action requires courage.  Doing the right thing is not always easy, but it is always empowering.

    How You Can Help

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    Case Studies

    Kendra has imagination power. She uses her power to help her solve a problem. Her best friend, Elizabeth is moving away and Kendra feels sad. There is something that she can do. She decides to draw a picture for Elizabeth.


    Nicholas has thinking power. He really wants to change instruments he wants to play. He has been playing piano since he was three, but really doesn’t like it. He uses his thinking power to present an alternative to his mother. He offers to help her do something he would not have done otherwise. This gets his mother’s attention. She is willing to listen to him.


    Kendra and Nicholas are not unique. They represent every child. Seemingly simple challenges, such as a new bus driver or accident walking into the boy’s bathroom can be traumatic for a child. We as adults see life on a much broader scale. We need to figure out how to communicate better.

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