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    Our first product, LoveSnax are emotional vocabulary cards that teach self-regulation strategies

    It is our intention to teach children to:

    1. Recognize their own power and how it relates to an experienced emotion. 
    2. Communicate their feelings effectively. Making clear to themselves that they are experiencing a feeling, then understanding there are options to feel differently.
    3. Act accordingly. Taking action requires courage.  Doing the right thing is not always easy, but it is always empowering.
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    Case Study #1

    Feeling proud

    Kendra was feeling sad. Her best friend, Elizabeth moved away. Kendra thought about what she could do to feel better. She decides to write a note to Elizabeth. She used her thinking power to help solve a problem. Now she feels proud that she found a solution on her own, and proud of her accomplishment of writing to her friend.

    Case Study #2

    Feeling sick

    Dylan was diagnosed with leukemia when he was 4. He misses many days of school. His mom, Sharon wants to help Dylan's twin brother, Zach understand why Dylan gets more attention sometimes. She also wants to Dylan to tell her when he needs more attention.

    Sharon shares this card with both of her sons.

    Case Study #3

    Feeling successful

    Grace received a robot present for Christmas. It had many parts. She had never put anything together like that before. She tried putting it together, but something was wrong. She couldn't figure out what she had done wrong, so she asked her dad for help. He praised her effort, then he helped her figure out the problem, but he let her finish putting it together.

    Case Study #4

    Feeling Mad

    Raja ran to his mother on the verge of tears. He complains that his younger sister, Raven hit him for no reason. Raja's mother gives him a mad card and explains that she is proud of him for not hitting her back. She also says that it was a good idea to remove himself from the situation. She asks what he would like to do next? Raja says he wants his mother to punish his sister. His mother explains that it would be better if Raja explains to Raven that she hurt him and tell her not to do it again. If she does, say, "stop." If she does it again, say, "stop" louder. If she does not again, then I will intervene.

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